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Hey, all the people who are not visiting this site! I added a couple of things, a picture of Twister that I painted on my folder, and a picture of Chris and Stewie from Family Guy. I'm extremely proud of the Family Guy pic, but it's a shame that no one will see it since this site isn't getting any hits. I had a shitty week, and I figured maybe seeing some hits on this site would cheer me up, but I guess not. As a result, unless I get some hits, I'm not gonna update this site anymore. It would be a waste of time and risk, since my parents don't want me having a site. So unless I get hits, good bye, and thanks for nothing.
Linkin Park 

Hey guys! Sorry that I don't update that much, but drawing takes a lot of time, and school is very hectic. I also got in a fight with one of my best friends, so that also kinda got in the way. And I've been practicing my guitar, my instructor, Todd, gave me a lot to practice! lol! But I learned "Little Things" by GC! Rolly 2 Anyways, the site, I got a counter that works and will tell me how unsuccesful this site is. I really doubt anyone is seeing this, for that matter. So I'm talking to no one!!!! Feeling Blue Aaron from RPH can't be my only viewer! Anyways, I'll stop ranting and tell you what else is new. I've added two pictures of RP, and I fixed the teen Lars. He didn't look so good without the beanie, so I had to put it back. I also added another quiz result, and I'll save u the time by saying that Benji is my soulmate. lol! I also have a Good Charlotte site, . It hasn't gotten any hits, so please visit!! Also, I've writtena letter to Nick complaining about the lack of RP episodes, and so has Aaron, so maybe Nick will get off their asses and make more new episodes. Go to his site, too, and sign the petition! Well, peace out!  (silence) I really need to find some friends. lol!

Happy New Year, guys! I hope it's a good one! Hope you all had great holidays. Mine was OK. I got an electric guitar and a lot of GC stuff. I can play a little snippet of "The Young and the Hopeless" on my guitar! ^^ I also got my Learner's Permit on New Year's Eve! Anyways, I have one new fan art, in the Misc. Rocket Power section, it's RP drawn in the style of South Park. I also have a new affiliate, The No Worries Hideout (Mike). I also got three awards from Aaron at Rocket Power Heat! ^^ Thanks so much, Aaron! Speaking of Aaron, we wrote a fic around Christmas time called "Christmas Chaos", you can read it here: I also added more of those weird-ass quiz results. I'm on that site a lot, I have no life. :) Yeah, I know a lot about GC and my soulmate is Benji, that's what they all say! lol! Anyways, I have more art on the way, I'm working on that Simple Plan picture, so BE PATIENT! lol! Take care!

Hey guys!! I'm so sorry I haven't updated lately but Tripod wasn't working for awhile. :'( Anyways, today I added another drawing from A Rocket To Remember, and a comic that I had to draw in Art Class based on something that Benji  made us do at the concert! I also added a bunch of those boring-ass quiz results and I changed the page format for the fanfiction. If you click on FANFICTION on the navigation bar, that'll lead you to all the drawings of my fics. It makes things easier that way. Also, look at what Aaron from RPH gave me! :) A card! Thanks Aaron, for everything! *glompness* You're my best bro!
Also, don't forget to sign the RP petition at Aaron's site,
We need to save RP!!
Cassidy (Silent Whisper at has been going through a lot of problems lately, keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We hope it gets better, Cassidy! Anyways, if I don't update (I have a wicked sick Simple Plan drawing on the way) before Christmas, Happy Holidays, and I hope that you guys get everything you want! Peace, I'm out!


Whoa, I don't think I've updated so frequently before! But I got to take my sketchbook home today because I needed to finish some work (usually my teacher makes us keep our sketchbooks in the art room) so I was able to scan some of the work that I've done in class. One of a GC concert, one of Benji Madden, and one of Twister. Other than that, there's nothing. But I do encourage you to sign Aaron's petition, the link is on the update for 11.22, please help us!! We need to save Rocket Power!!! Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving and peace out!!

Hey!! Once again, I haven't had a lot of time to draw, so that's why I haven't been updating. Today I drew two pictures, one from A Rocket To Remember (only three more to go!!) and a drawing of GC that I did on my notebook. I also got a counter from Site Tracker for this site, but I don't really know if it's working or not. Also, Aaron from Rocket Power Heat and I may collaborate on a Christmas story, so look out for it in the next month.
***Rocket Power is in grave danger of being cancelled because of its lack of viewers. Do you want to see RP cancelled and nothing but Jimmy Neutron and Teenage Robot on all day? Oh, nevermind, that's all Nick ever shows. I'm angry at Nick, they treat RP like a red-headed stepchild (no offense to any red-heads out there!!!), and all they show are the new shows that suck cock.(Jimmy Neutron, Chalkzone, Teenage Robot, Wild Thornberrys, As Told By Ginger, and probably more that I can't think of at the time) If you agree, sign Aaron's petition!!
On the homepage you will see the link to his petition. He only has 13 signatures, including mine, so we need to get signing!!!!!! We need to save RP!!!!!!***
I will update again as soon as I can, so all I can say is Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!! Hope it's a good one!! I know I'm thankful for GC and anybody that is looking at this site and reading my fics at Thanks, guys!

Guys, I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to update, but I simply cannot find the time to draw. However, you can sign up with Tripod to get an e-mail whenever I do update, just so you know. I have no drawings YET, but some will come eventually. School takes up too much time. I saw GC two weeks ago! :) Here's the details: When we first got there, I saw Benji at the gate signing autographs, but my dad had to park and he couldn't let me out while he go find a space, and when we got back, he was gone. :'( Man, it hurts SO bad!! I wanted to get there early to meet them, but my parents didn't listen to me but now they know that next time, we need to go early. I didn't meet them, but I was SO close to them during the show and Joel and Benji made direct eye contact with me ( I was jumping because all the kids in front of me were tall, and they weren't jumping, and the twins saw me! ^^) , Billy smiled at me, when Benji was on the side of the stage while Mest was on, I screamed, "I LOVE YOU BENJI!" and he turned his head in my direction (he heard me! ^_^), and when some dumbass kids got wild around me and I was getting pushed pretty badly, Billy was watching me and he looked concerned about me. :) It was SO fun. :) I could see these guys so close, I could see the details on their tattoos. I wanted to wait to see if they would do autographs after the show, but my dad was in a hurry to go. But Goldfinger (one of the opening acts) did autographs after the show and I met them and told them they rocked and they said thanks and that we were a good crowd. :) GC likes it here, so they'll come back soon. My stupid sister said her friend said she was in the front row and in the mosh pit and she got Benji's guitar pick and an autograph, but they're lying. But you know what Benji said at the show? He said, "Let's do something that's never been done before at a GC concert. Let's square dance! The largest square dance that's ever been done at a GC concert! Do si do, swing your partner round and round...." And when the kids were square dancing (I wasn't because I didn't have any room because I was squished!), Benji says, "You guys are weird! Square dancing at a GC concert! No, I'm kidding! You guys are great!" lol! He's so crazy, I love him!! ^_^ 
Also, Aaron from Rocket Power Heat and I have collaborated on a story, check it out at the link below!!
So, I'll have more when I find the time to draw, thanks for being so patient.

I am SO sorry I haven't updated, but I haven't had time to draw lately. Today I have one picture up from a story by Spikey the Neon Blowfish, called Never Ever. Also, Aaron (from Rocket Power Heat) and I are working on a story together, so expect that up sometime soon. Other than that, nothing really. I'm seeing Good Charlotte tomorrow night! :) I'll have a lot of GC drawings sometime around February, when I can take my sketchbook out of the art classroom. Anyways, I feel that this site revolves around me, and I don't want it to. If you guys hve any suggestions of what I can add to the site to make it better, just review a story on, the links are on the home page of this site. Later!

Hi people! I know it's been awhile since the last update, but not only has school gotten in the way of drawing and being able to go on the computer, but Hurricane Isabel hit. Nothing of mine was destroyed, but some trees fell down. We were without power for 5 days (we just got it back this morning!), so I drew 4 pictures from A Rocket To Remember (Only 4 more to go!!) by candlelight. Now I posted those 4 drawings and I added links to the stories that I'm illustrating, so you can check them out. Well, all I can say now is that to Isabel's victims, I hope things get better for you if they already haven't! "Hold on if you feel like letting go. Hold on, it gets better than you know!" Haha, that's Good Charlotte. ;)  Take care!

Hi! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, but I started school last week and I'm in 10th grade, so there is a lot of homework, and I also don't get home until 4:00, so you do the math. I'm probably gonna update on weekends because it takes a long time to update this site. Anyways, I added 6 drawings: 3 of the guys from Blink 182, a drawing of the Rocket Power gang dressed like Good Charlotte (except without dying their hair black because that just wouldn't work........), and two illustrations to A Rocket To Remember. There will be more illustrations soon, and I will have some Good Charlotte drawings up because they are my favorite band...........and I got tickets to see them in October! ^O^  Whoooo hoooo! I'm stoked, dude! Well, I'll see you guys soon and Happy Birthday to Cassidy, who will be 14 on Thursday! Peace, I'm out!

Nothing new except that I added a drawing by a friend of mine, N.U.T.S. for my fic, Baby Rodriguez. (Rocket Power) Uhhhhhhh.............Good Charlotte won the VMAs Viewer's Choice last night! YAY!!!!!!!! I voted at least 2000 times, so I'm glad it paid off! Congrats to my boys!!!!!!!

I added two new drawings---teen Twister (applause!!) and Good Charlotte. I will have more drawings up soon, including a Rocket Power "make over" where Twister, Pi, Otto, and Lars will be dressed like Good Charlotte. I will be starting school on Sept. 2, so I'll draw more since class is boring.  :^) Unfortunately, updates might be less frequent even though they aren't that frequent to begin with. I'll try my best. If you guys want to see anything drawn, just tell me in a review on    I'll talk to you guys later!!

Hey, I updated! I loaded a whole bunch of old drawings that I thought were cool, and I drew teen Lars. I will draw Twister soon, and a bunch of Good Charlotte stuff.

Hey guys! I'm SO sorry I haven't updated lately, but I've been busy with summer reading and I haven't gotten around to drawing lately. I will have more posted soon: Teen Lars and Twister, Good Charlotte, and the RP gang dressed like GC in the "Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous" video. It's all coming, so just be patient!
As you can see, I made a new layout. The purple thing just wasn't working for me because it WASN'T me. So hopefully this is cooler looking and the menu is easier to work with because you don't have to scroll all the way down. Anyways, I'll talk to u guyz later!

Hi!!! Sorry I haven't updated in while, but I've been kinda going through some personal issues. Today, I added an interview and a drawing of Benji from Good Charlotte and the band Orgy. There will be more to come soon. Later much!!!!!!!

Hi peeps! 4 years ago exactly I saw 'N SYNC in! I've added five more pictures, illustrations to my Rugrats fic, Titanic Shiprats, my RP fic, A Rocket to Remember, ArnoldnHelga4eva's Hey Arnold! fic, I'm With You, and two pictures of the A*Teens. I will have Lars and Twist as teens up when I draw them. Expect more Rugrats and Rocket Power drawings soon. Peace, I'm out!

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I have been so busy (Damn summer reading program!), but I finally got around ot drawing. I added three drawings today, Teen Otto (RP), Daria, and Avril Lavigne. Lars and Twister (RP) will be here soon, and I will eventually post my friend's Star Wars drawings! I also added another link and an interview section. I TALKED TO MYSELF! lol! Peace out!
6-19-2003  6:20 P.M.
Hi! I'm gonna have some drawings of the RP kids as teenagers up soon. As for my cat, we just put her down to sleep. She looked like she was alive, but the doctor put her hand on my shoulder and said that she was gone.
*In Loving Memory*
ca. June early 1980's--June 19, 2003
May You Forever Remain in Our Hearts
Now I'm gonna go cry. Bye!
I will update once I draw more stuff. I may not update for awhile because my cat has cystitis, and she's very old and very sick, so she's going to be put to sleep tonight. Naturally, I'm pretty upset about it, because I have had her for eleven years. 
Well, today I launched the site!!!!!!!! Please enjoy it!